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Control your message and the image of your court with powerful media that engages and inspires.

Juror Orientation

Inspire incoming jurors to reflect the best principles of justice and fairness.

History Films

Short and long-form documentary-style films that tell the story of your court and the cases and people that made history.

Special Issues

Educate your audience about unique issues like implicit bias and the importance of an independent third branch.

Community Engagement

Engage schools, libraries, and community groups in the important work of your court and its relevance to daily life.

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CourtMedia brings decades of court and media experience to help courts express their ideals and impact through modern, relevant media.

In a culture that streams knowledge from devices in our pockets, it’s imperative that our proudest institutions engage the public with messages that will be heard and understood. Video connects with the public more effectively than any other medium. It’s no longer novel – it’s simply expected.

Northern District of Illinois Juror Orientation

The Northern District of Illinois needed a juror orientation film that engaged potential jurors in the history and impact of the court, while also inspiring them to serve well and educating them about basic court rules and processes. The film was positioned from the perspective of the individual member of the community, getting ready to take part in a process that had defined Illinois communities for two centuries.

Completed December 2017

Over two decades of experience in courts, video production, and communication strategy.

Unparalleled Court Experience

Gary Wente has spent his entire career as Chief Executive of the federal court in Chicago, Boston, and Denver. He knows the courts, the cases, and the issues.

Broadcast-Level Production Values

Darren Niesley has almost twenty years directing live video and broadcast for corporations and nonprofits, including a leadership conference broadcast to over 200,000 people nationwide.

Legal / Communication / Government

Tim Whitney is an attorney with a background in nonprofit management, policy development, communication and technology.

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